Thursday, January 5, 2012

29 Things I Learned From Spending Two Days With Rick Santorum

Pretty good photo essay with some nice pictures of sprint cars.


15. This is what Chris Matthews looks like "incognito."

One word: Clem. Heh.

10. Diversity is a bad thing

In Ottumwa, Rick said: "Diversity creates conflict. We can't celebrate diversity it because it creates conflict."

That might fly in northwest Iowa and flyover country when he's pandering to christowhitey but let's see him pull that one where things are a little more "diverse".

6. Rick's speeches got more conservative and fanatical the further away we were from civilization. The crowds were also bigger.

Northwest Iowa is the most conservative part of the state. I noticed that the further North and West we got, the more conservative his speeches got. There was more talk about terrorists and even a Michelle Obama "doesn't love her country" jab.

4. Coke cans = communist?

In Sioux City this question was asked: "We have so much foreign influence today. I'm looking at a Coke can with a polar bear on it. Where do we go from here?"

Beating head on keyboard...

Please God let this idiot be the nominee.

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BadTux said...

Sadly, the candidate is going to be Romney. Think of all the fun we could have directing people to Google the term "Santorum" and click on the first link. Sigh!

- Badtux the Sadly Amused Penguin