Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh, the irony...

Ironic Times

Republicans Say They Can Support New Taxes
Like a poll tax.

2012 Election Year Preview of Top 10 Lobbying Groups

Americans for Clean Air and Water - a consortium of the biggest oil companies

Citizens for a Healthy Tomorrow - drug company front group

Americans for America - anti immigrant vigilantes

America for Americans - armed white supremacists

Health Care for All Americans - insurance industry group against health care reform

Vote America - vote suppression group

Americans United for the First Amendment - want Christianity named official religion of the United States

Citizens for Freedom of the Press - want to make it easier to throw reporters and editors in jail

National Labor Rights Association - business group out to destroy unions

Americans for the Bill of Rights - group for legalizing indefinite detention, torture.

Somewhere, George Orwell is laughin' his ass off.


Gaileo126 said...

"Somewhere, George Orwell is laughin' his ass off."

I agree whole-heartedly. The rest of us, however, are pissed. And with anger, comes action.


Dave said...

As has been stated many times before WASTF!! (We are so totally Fu*Ked)