Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Culling the herd ...

The winnowing out of the sick (batshit crazy) and infirm (paste-eating stupid) begins today.

Voters in the rural state of Iowa are preparing for the first test of the US election season as they choose a Republican candidate to take on Barack Obama for the White House in November.

Mitt Romney, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum lead a field of six contenders in a race that remains too close to call.


It's a shame because the entertainment quotient in the run up to the Mittster's inevitable coronation might be cut by a third today. I hope the Frothy Mixture stays around a little longer because I haven't had so much fun with 5th grade humor in a long time.

I know I'll be crying if one of them (Mitt) actually gets elected, but it's so nice to laugh at them now, when they're all mostly harmless. That, and all the shit they say is ammo for our side. As Blue Gal says:

I really do think the Obama Campaign is going to run GOP Debate moments, unedited, through November.


Gordon said...

Yes, Barry will twist their words by quoting them verbatim. S'wunnerful!

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