Thursday, January 5, 2012

The top reasons Wall Street and Republicans are scared of Richard Cordray

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So what’s the problem with Cordray? There are two, one is an old Washington problem, and the other is purely Wall Street’s:

Republicans said they would never support anyone to head the CFPB — Period —that is, unless the White House made serious changes to the agency. (Politico)

He doesn’t just go after Wall Street Institutions. He goes after individual executives as well.

More. Mr. Cordray wrings more fines outta those assholes than the SEC ever had the balls to do.

There’s your new sheriff, Wall Street. As we reported earlier today, it’s likely Republicans will fight Obama’s appointment in Court. In the meantime, Cordray will be able to nice and comfy at the CFPB.

Note to Richie Cordray: Work those Wall St. motherfuckers like a red-headed stepchild.


skip 2 colorado said...

This is exactly what it will take to change things. Years ago, when I was a corporate kinda girl, I got to see first hand how execs went from not giving a crap about anti-trust laws to paying really close attention, and enforcing them. The difference? Guys in suits doing time for violating Robinson-Patman. That's what it took to get their attention...the very real threat of club fed.

casey said...

Hello skip 2 colorado,

I think that sending them to "Camp Gitmo" would make them walk the straight and narrow with a very tight sphincter. Club Fed is a picnic compared to Camp Gitmo.