Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ye Olde Comedie Golde

Think Progress

New Hampshire GOP Bill Mandates That New Laws Find Their Origin In 1215 English Magna Carta

One of the bill’s sponsors admitted that he wasn’t terribly familiar with the actual text, and mainly saw the measure as an homage. New Hampshire Democratic Party spokesman Ray Buckley said he was “mostly speechless” when he heard about the bill. “I appreciate all the hard work the Republican legislators are putting into the effort to make them look like extremists,” he said. “Saves us the trouble.”

Forsooth! Hehth.

Here's one translation of the original text. Interesting read. The New Hampshite who came up with this proposed law is an idiot.


Fixer said...

I wonder if they would actually understand the Magna Carta and the time in which it was written.

Gordon said...

Easy one, F-Man! No. By their own admission they never read it and have no idea what's in it. Morons to even suggest it.