Thursday, January 5, 2012


If one wonders why I could never support any Republican/Conservative candidate, Drifty explains it quite well:


It's a long list of things I would like to continue to have, and which one Party has pledged itself -- openly and publicly -- to taking away from me by election, litigation or fraud. One Party, which loathes me so profoundly for merely existing and believing what I believe that it built an entire, vertically-integrated industry around hating me and telling me exactly how hostile their coming fascist state will be to me, 24/7/365 from coast-to-coast, at the tops of their lungs for the last 30 years. One Party which has done more premeditated violence to our capacity for self-government in a shorter period than I would have ever believed possible back in the good old days when I blew my vote out the airlock by giving it to John Anderson.


I might be annoyed with Obama (I've been quite happy with him over the last few weeks though) but there would never be a scenario where I would actually consider voting for a Republican.

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Gordon said...

My sentiments exactly.