Tuesday, January 3, 2012

North Korea Calls For “Human Shields” To Protect New Leader

Apparently he's already very popular amongst North Koreans. Like a ham sandwich would be if they knew what one looked like.

Tony Peyser

Let's take a vote on this and to make
It official, we'll need a quorum ---
I nominate James & Rupert Murdoch
And two Ricks: Perry & Santorum.

I think the Santorum Salad may have found a market over there. Probly go real good with rock soup.


Fixer said...

I betcha Little Kim would feed a whole town for a year over there. Dump Limbaugh over there and that'd be more food than they've seen in a decade.

Gordon said...

You're mean, F-Man. I guess they'd be full for a while, a new feeling for them, but then Limbaugh would be true to form and they'd spew outta both ends just like he does.