Friday, August 27, 2004

Bend over

From Kos:

The Olympic's governing board is pissed at Bush's "arrogance", and they have a way to retaliate -- denying NYC's its 2012 bid for the games.

I have posted a translation of Der Spiegel's article on the topic sent in by reader Hans in the extended entry.

Entire post.

Thanks a lot, President Asswipe. Unlike the Republican convention, the Olympics is something NYC could make money on, you fucking moron. But hey, in Bush World it's called Blue York. We're only here to be exploited. All those God-fearing Jesus freaks in 'Middle America' will love it, the shots from the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State, and all the flag waving. Bush is gonna wrap himself in the aura of 9/11 and turn his back on us as soon as it's over. I swear, if he wins in November, I'm going expat. You can visit the Mrs., her monster, and me in Paris.

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