Saturday, August 28, 2004

Breaking News 2

NEW YORK - With the arrest of two men, authorities reportedly have broken up a bomb plot aimed at New York City subways. Investigators stressed that the men never got their hands on explosives, but the suspects allegedly discussed and plotted making a bomb that could be exploded at the 34th Street subway station or on a train pulling into that station.

Officials said there is no evidence the plot was timed to coincide with the Republican National Convention, but the timing of the arrests certainly appears to have happened to get the men in custody before the convention gets under way.

Investigators said the plot never had a chance of coming into fruition. The men never had access to explosives, but they are described as men who were willing participants in a plot -- motivated to jihad -- to set off a bomb in the subways. Attempts to reach spokesmen for the U.S. attorney in Brooklyn, the FBI and the New York Police Department were unsuccessful Friday night.

From WNBC in New York.

So, if the guy they were trying to buy explosives from didn't have a sense of responsibility, and not turn them in, they would have blown up the 34th Street station. Sure looks like the NYPD and Homeland Security didn't have a fucking clue.

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