Friday, August 27, 2004

Marshall on Greenspan

From Josh Marshall at TPM:

From the AP: "Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said Friday that the country will face 'abrupt and painful' choices if Congress does not move quickly to trim the Social Security and Medicare benefits that have been promised to the baby boom generation."

This could use some elaboration.

To the degree there's urgency here, it is because of the mammoth deficits the president has run up. The president runs up a big deficit and now you've got to pay for it with cuts to your Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Where are the president's priorities?

Shouldn't the Kerry campaign be banging this drum? Especially since it's true (only an added benefit these days, I grant you.)

Isn't the Fed Chair supposed to be independent and above partisan politics? Greenspan is a Bush facilitator and should be kicked out at the same time President Nutless Wonder is. I can't believe Andrea Mitchell actually fucks him.

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