Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Yeah, what he said

Found this via Corrente:

[. . .]

To me, there are bigger things than simply being a patriot to a political party. And the fact that this particular party had the gall to join ranks behind this drunken lout of a man and claim that he had what it took to be President shows a breathtaking disrespect for the institution of the Presidency. The fact that men like Harding, Pierce, and Buchanan held the office didn't mean that we needed to contribute to that noble tradition.

But so be it. If they want to wallow in the mud, then we should oblige them. If it's fair to question John Kerry's patriotism and heroism, at an age when so many of his contemporaries acted so cravenly, then it's fair to question what Bush and Cheney were up to.

And let me advance the quaint notion that we shouldn't stop there. We should heed Sean Connery's advice from The Untouchables: if they hit us with a stick, we should hit back with a gun. They put one of us in the hospital, we put one of them in the morgue. All's fair in love and war; they want war, then we should give them war. No quarter should be given. We cannot rest until we've utterly destroyed this cancer on American politics.

Everything and anything should be on the table. And if this means that the GOP is destroyed, never to rise again, then so be it. They've had their chance to save themselves. Lacking a decent respect for the opinions of mankind, and possesed of an arrogance born out of ignorance, I won't shed any tears at their bier.

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