Friday, August 27, 2004

Letter to McCain

Dear Senator McCain,

Let me first say that you will always have my undying respect for your service to this country. As a fellow combat vet, I know the sacrifices you made and can only imagine what you went through at the hands of your captors during the war. Allow me to personally thank you.

The reason I'm writing is because my respect for you is steadily decreasing. After what Bush did to you, to Max Cleland, and now to John Kerry, how can you possibly give this man your support. I realize you are a man of honor, and I know you will always be a Republican, but my God, man, he and his minions are smearing our fellow brothers in arms.

While I would never expect you to publicly renounce the President, a sitting Republican President, I am very surprised you would consent to accompany him on the campaign trail. Let alone have that 'Al and Tipper moment' with him the other day. How can you put aside your principles for this man who has none? For this man who, on the one hand praises our heroes sacrificing themselves in Iraq, and on the other trying to denigrate the service of your brothers in another ill-concieved war. Mr. Kerry's service, Mr. Cleland's service, and your service, Mr. McCain. How can you stand by and send the mixed messages you do? You criticize the Swift Boat Veterans and then go out with Bush and fairly tongue-kiss him.

Please, sir, for the sake of this country, get in touch with your honor and principles that I know you have, and take a stand. It's time for ethical men to do the right thing.

Update: 17:15:

The Angry Bear has more to say on the McCain/Bush relationship.

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