Monday, August 23, 2004

Warms my heart

Via Corrente from the LA Times:

At one point, as Bush was talking about his efforts to make health insurance more widely available, a gruff steelworker named Tom Miller, who described himself as a loyal supporter, all but interrupted to say, ``Insurance is important, but it doesn't mean a lot if you don't have a job.''

[. . .]

Timken [Bearings Inc. in Ohio] has been in the news in this campaign because Bush visited one of its Stark County facilities in 2003 and said his tax cuts would create jobs. But in May, the company announced it plans to close three Stark County ball-bearing plants that employ 1,300.

[Timken employee Tom] Miller told the president that he would not be getting many votes from steelworkers. Miller, a Bush supporter, drove home his point by describing the grief he caught from co-workers when he wore a ``Steelworkers for Bush'' T-shirt to the plant.

``You're a brave soul,'' Bush replied, touching off laughter. [my emphasis]

So, part of his base tells President Dicknose that he's losing votes and he makes a joke. Know why? Because he knows he'll win in November, one way or the other.

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