Thursday, August 26, 2004

Me on the economy

1) Minimum wage $10.00/hr.
2) Double taxation for all offshore based American companies.
3) A 2 year tax holiday for any corporations that move back onshore and agree to pay their fare share of taxes for 10 years after that. If they move back offshore before then, their assets in this country would be siezed and federalized.
4) A 10 year tax holiday for any corporation inventing a non-polluting alternative technology to replace the internal combustion engine. (It has to produce the same power and torque in the same conditions as the ICE.)
5) A 10 year tax holiday for any corporation who develops a viable way to exploit the Solar System and its mineral wealth.
6) Establish a fair trade 'rulebook' and abide by its rules. The 'rulebook' would contain work regulations, an international minimum wage, environmental and human rights guarantees as well. Nations wanting to join the U.S. Economic Sphere will have to sign on and abide by it as well. Signatories who break the rules would be embargoed and boycotted.
7) Put space exploration in the hands of the private sector. Abolish NASA.
8) Abolish big business associations' political connections. If a group of businesses create a PAC to push their agenda in Washington, they must equally fund an opposition PAC advancing the public good.
9) Streamline the tax code. A guy who took the H&R Block tax course should be capable of caluclating IBM's tax obligation. No more fleets of attorneys looking for every fucking loophole.

I'll think of more, but this is what I'd do right off.

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