Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Fuck you very much

That fat little troll Denny Hastert (Speaker of the House) has been running off at the mouth again. Glen from A Brooklyn Bridge has something to say about it:

[. . .]

Hastert, in his book and in an interview yesterday with The Post, says the price tag for rebuilding became the driving issue for lawmakers and New Yorkers — who were so fixated on dollar signs that they lost sight of the human side of the tragedy.

"All the tragedy was converted into dollars and cents," Hastert told The Post. "People kind of lost the sense of the depth of the tragedy itself."

We lost the "sense of the depth of the tragedy?" We've got a big hole in our skyline and thousands of people who don't even have graves. No, I don't think anyone here has forgotten a thing.

While Hastert and his cronies where quibbling over aid we might really need, we volunteered, we did without, we raised just about every tax just to put our city back on its feet. But we are greedy.

I can't even count the number of times the Republicans and the administration have screwed us this city. Minor things like doctoring the EPA report to conceal the health effects on New Yorkers. (Not that that was a lie or anything.) Telling New York cops and fighters to work overtime without pay as a "wartime sacrifice" (while simultaneously pushing through another tax cut). Oh, yeah, the "party of states rights" telling New Yorkers how we should spend the money we finally got — because obviously we're too damned dumb to assess the damage to our city and spend the money on what we needed.

Stay home, you goddam prick.

You go, boy!

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