Sunday, August 22, 2004

Good question

Atrios asks:

Why are the Swift Boat Liars and Move On "two sides of the same coin." Move On is an established organization which has been around for years and which has a very large small donor base (and, a few large donors as well). Swift Boat Liars came into being just recently to lie about John Kerry's record.

Why are the Swift Boat Liar ads and Move On's ads equivalent? On one hand we have proven liars contradicting existing Navy records and 35 years of public comment, and on the other hand we have legitimate questions, raised by many prominent news organizations, about whether George Bush bothered to show up for national guard service as he was required. There are many legitimate questions about Bush's failure to fulfill his duty, including his failure to take a required flight physical, as well as the fact that Bush lied about his military record in his autobiography. Kerry has Navy records to back up his claims, Bush does not.

Why is Move On a "far left" organization? Can you point to these extreme positions they've taken on some issues? Any issue?

... and, one more thing. If they're "the same," why are the swift boat liars on every news show and Move On people are not?

Why, because our media are corporate-owned, money-grubbing whores who don't want to upset the apple cart. If they did, they wouldn't have appeased Bush when he lied us into Iraq and they wouldn't have to print mea culpas now.

Bubba adds:

[. . .]

How many more lies like this have to be exposed before people stop paying attention to this bullshit and the Bush campaign starts talking about issues instead of dishonoring veterans this way? What a bunch of creeps.

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