Thursday, October 7, 2004

At Last, Media Asks The Right Question

At long last, the LATimes asks the question that a lot of us have known the answer to for years.

Although neither group likes to say so, some Americans who support President Bush and many who don't support him have concluded over four years that he may not be very bright. This suspicion was not allayed by Bush's answers in the first presidential debate a week ago.

It's bad if a president is incapable of the abstract thought necessary for these mental exercises. If he is capable and isn't even trying, that's worse. It becomes a question of character. When a president sends thousands of young Americans to kill and die halfway around the world, thinking about it as hard and as honestly as possible is the least he can do.

Does it matter? Yes, it matters.

The question remains: Are the American people smart enough to see through this asshole's lies and contempt for them?

We will find out on November 2nd.

The future of the United States depends on American voters getting the answer right.

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