Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Draftiest Yet

Colonel David Hackworth, USArmy(ret) has a lot to say about what he feels is a slam dunk, in Soldiers For The Truth.

Recently, when John Kerry brought up the possibility of a return to the draft, SecDef Donald Rumsfeld was quick to respond that Kerry was full of it.

But my take is that Kerry is right on the mark. Not only because Rummy has been flat wrong on every major military call regarding Iraq, but because this is a war that won’t be won by smart weapons or the sledgehammer firepower we see every night on the tube.

So the draft – which will include both boys and girls this time around – is a no-brainer in ‘05 and ‘06.

Israel, a country that has lived under the barrel of the Islamic terrorist gun for decades, has the most combat-experienced counterinsurgent force in the world – and boy and girl draftees are its major resource.

Count on it. We will follow their lead.

In between the quotes is a lot of red meat. This guy knows a lot more about it than I do.

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