Friday, October 8, 2004

Got Wood?

The debate tonight was a lot closer than the first one. Bush looked better than in that one, but that surely couldn't have been very hard to pull off.

Kerry "won". He didn't do the gran baile del sombrero that I requested, though. Maybe a Lambada.

I hate to admit this, but I thought Dubya got off the best line of the event.

Kerry was explaining what constitutes a "small business" under this administration. Just about anybody with non-wage income. The example he used was, "President Bush got eighty-four dollars from a lumber company he owns and that makes him a small business."

Bush got up and, with his smirk more good-natured than usual, said,"I've got a lumber company? Somebody should tell me these things."

He then looked at the audience and said, "Anybody need some wood?"

We're still gonna do the giant Busby Berkeley production number on him, though.

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