Wednesday, October 6, 2004

Early morning Veep

Well, I did my damndest to stay awake for the debate. Ha! Was sound asleep before the 8 pm Law & Order was over. Hey, 4 am comes awful early. My first read was my partner Gordon, and then I surfed around the Blogosphere looking for reaction. Here's a sample:

From A Brooklyn Bridge:

Neither did well. Edwards did less well than I expected. Sorry to be contrarian, but there it is.

Lambert at Corrente:

I'm not sure Edwards managed to wrestle Cheney into his coffin, let alone drive a stake through his heart (if any)—but I'd say Edwards held his own, and that's what counts.


Incidentally, damn did Cheney dish a lot of bullshit. Edwards was knocked off stride simply trying to keep the record straight. For that reason, the national defense stuff was probably a draw.


I predict that once the full scope of the lies Cheney told tonight are artfully dribbled out by the Democrats over the next couple of days, Cheney's respectable "draw" will turn into a rout. This isn't 2000 and the Democrats are not going to stand for this shit this time.

Lean Left:

I am honestly not sure why Tom thinks Cheney came across so much better. Edwards did have some problems, but a lot of the time the debate was "He is lying, no he is lying!" To most people, I think, that comes across as a wash without some sort of knockout blow. And I didn't see either side throw a knockout blow.


This debate was...weird. Just look at how the usual suspects are falling: Sullivan thinks Edwards owned Cheney, Kaus is calling draw, I'm calling draw, Drum's calling draw, Jesse's calling slight win for Edwards, Political Wire is calling it for Edwards, and Marshall is calling it a big win for Johnny.

I think this much can be said: Cheney was blisteringly effective when attacking on national security. He began to fall apart (some say he "checked out") when talk turned domestic . . .


I call it a tie, with maybe a slight edge for Cheney. As I predicted a few weeks ago, Cheney would draw on his vast experience and stature (and his ability as a consummate liar), and Edwards's trial experience would help but ultimately be no match.

I couldn't believe how many lies and distortions Cheney got away with. Edwards gamely tried to dispel them, and he got in some pretty good licks . . .

Josh Marshall:

Purely on the basis of this evening's debate, Cheney has a mammoth credibility problem. Again and again he said things that were simply false. In the case of the Iraq-9/11 tie, I think there's no question but that he simply lied when he claimed there was never a connection.

Tom Tomorrow:

Isn't there somebody that Dick Cheney is noticably neglecting to mention? Smirky, hunched-over fellow with shifty eyes? Ring any bells?

Democratic Veteran:

American Angina looked ready for some jump-startin' of the pacemaker on stage tonight. I thought he was going to swallow his lips when Edwards brought up's a-mazing we didn't get a "Fuck You, Senator" out of him right then and there. Decision: Edwards.

Just a Bump in the Beltway:

Unless Something Changes in the next few minutes, this is going to be a tie, at best. Edwards let Cheney set the tone, and John can't win there. Where's that litigators nose for the jugular?

Generally, most of the Liberal blogs call it a draw. I agree with Gord and Josh Marshall, that a even a draw can be considered a win for Kerry/Edwards because Little John effectively countered all of Cheney's 'experience'. Cheney was supposed to win and he didn't. Point, Kerry/Edwards.

The Force runs strong in young Skywalker.

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