Tuesday, October 5, 2004

But What Does It All Mean?

Wow, this debate deal won't go away. As long as there's funny shit like this by Will Durst, that's OK. Here are some samples from "What They Say/What They Mean (Debate Edition)":

WTS: "Sending mixed messages isn't good for our troops or our allies or for the Iraqi people."
WTM: "Logic complicates things."

WTS: "It's hard work. We're working hard."
WTM: "Are my two minutes up yet?"

WTS: "The administration at this time has no plans to re-institute the draft."
WTM: "This is a permanent policy that will last right up until after the election."

WTS: "The economy's turned the corner."
WTM: "Then it rolled twelve times, hit a tree and burst into flames."

WTS: "The Iraqi people hunger for democracy."
WTM: "As long as it doesn't include heretical covenants like women driving and stuff like that."

There's a bunch more like that but I had to stop somewhere. Go read it and have some fun.

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