Tuesday, October 5, 2004


I know people think this way. Hell, I lived in Ft. Worth and the panhandle of Florida, but it still amazes me. From Jesus' General:

[. . .]

Pastor Armstrong says that we shouldn't worry about things like the economy, insurance rates, or other issues (which I took to mean the Eternal War against Brown People) because God will take care of those things if we stop the homos from getting married.

The moral issues are really going to determine whether God blesses this nation, and if God blesses this nation, we don't have to worry about the economy, we don?t have to worry about what our insurance rates are going to be, we don't have to worry about all these other important issues--the bottom line are these moral issues.

[. . .]

How in Hell can we have intelligent discourse on the future of our nation when this is the thinking of the Republican base? God will take care of us, huh? Then why did he give us free will and cognitive thought? Remember, all dogs go to heaven, but God gave us free will so we could choose our Hell. God helps those who help themselves.

Addendum from The American Street:

[. . .]

The Third Right refers to a GOP where the more extreme elements of the Christian Coalition (who draw support by pressing the fear of Armageddon and Rapture around the next corner) have combined with the major capital wielders of the military industrial complex (who also thrive on the politics of fear) to create a political machine more powerful and more corrupt than any coalition in US history.

Similar in its use of propaganda and fear to the Third Reich, they are not Nazis. Ideologically driven as it is, it’s a close neighbor of Naziism, close enough to earn a sobriquet that sounds close, just to serve as a flashing yellow light that we must proceed with caution to prevent its intersection with that ruthless predescessor.

Just to clarify things. [my emphasis]

American Taliban.

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