Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Molly Does It For Me Again

I noticed this statement by the president (small 'p' on purpose) during the debate and wondered if anybody else did. Molly Ivins did. She never lets me down.

We all had our debate moments, but the one that stunned me was, "It's (Iraq is) hard work. I see it on the TV screens."

Watching it on TV -- boy, that is tough work all right. And what was the "hard work" thing about?

Isn't TV where Dubya says we've been getting our misperceptions and misinformation about his Divinely-inspired, brilliantly led, flawlessly executed, and smoothly running Crusade in Iraq?

Apparently, he feels that only White House disinformation is the correct disinformation.

I am glad the president saw "hard work" on TV. At least he now knows what it looks like. He wouldn't know "hard work" if it bit him on the ass.

She closes her article with:

Sometimes, I get the feeling the whole country is being run by Paris Hilton.

If she were, I could at least stand to look at the person who is screwing me.

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