Saturday, October 9, 2004

Our example

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghanistan's first direct presidential election was thrust into turmoil hours after it began Saturday, when the 15 candidates challenging interim leader Hamid Karzai said they would boycott the results, alleging fraud over the ink meant to ensure people voted only once.

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The opposition candidates, meeting at the house of Uzbek candidate Abdul Satar Sirat, signed a petition saying they would not recognize the results of the vote, saying mix-ups with the ink used to mark voters' thumbs opened the way for widespread fraud.

"Today's election is not a legitimate election. It should be stopped and we don't recognize the results," said Sirat, who is an ex-aide to Afghanistan's last king.

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Yup, Bush says he's spreading democracy. Yes he is, and using Florida 2000 as an example. Did anyone really think these Afghan elections would come off without a hitch? And you know we'll have more of the same when they try it in Iraq. Not to mention our own elections in November. Think Diebold.

Thanks to Kevin Hayden at The American Street for the link.

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