Friday, October 8, 2004

Scare update

Re: my post from last night.

(ABC News- October 7, 2004) — The Department of Education has sent a letter to educators across the country which will likely cause some concern about how they keep their children safe.

[. . .]

The discovery of the school plans was made in July by the military, but did not take on real urgency until after the September attack on the school children in Beslan . . . [my emphasis]

So, they found this in July. The atrocities in Beslan happened over a month ago. Yet, they wait until now to issue this alert? Jesus H. Christ, did it take you this long to make the 'obvious' connection? And what, were our kids safer in their schools over the month of September than they are now? No, folks, this has the aroma of partisan political dirty tricks.

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