Friday, October 15, 2004

By A Country Mile

Whew! I've predicted for months that Kerry is gonna win by 15%. I know that's a meaningless number, but I use it to describe the mandate that I think he will get, you know the real kind, from the American people. Not the kind Bush thinks he got, from hired judges.

At last, someone with access to a printing press agrees with me and has the guts to say so, albeit not as stridently as I have, but no one listens to me anyway. Byron Williams in Working For Change:
At the risk of looking like a fool, I am prepared to respectfully disagree with conventional wisdom to offer the following contrarian perspective: The election will not be close.

When we want to keep a president, we keep him; Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Johnson, Nixon, Reagan and Clinton are prime examples. Likewise, when we want him out, he's out: Hoover, Carter and Bush 41.

I don't believe we will be in court discussing hanging, dimpled or pregnant chads on Nov. 3.

Thank you, Byron

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