Friday, October 15, 2004

'Sup, Oy?

Just when you think you've seen everything, up jumps the devil. Go read Hebrew Hip-Hop in, where else, the Ess Eff Chron.

Even the name Hadag Nahash embodies the group's spirit. Guy Mar, the band's DJ and one of the first hip-hop DJs in Israel, reveals that the words are a mix up of Nahag Hadash -- "new driver" -- a sign everyone must post on their cars' rear windows during the first year of licensed driving. Streett came up with the name as a form of protest.

"This is the great idea they have to reduce car accidents?" he scoffs. "People either honk at the new driver or stick to (him) or pass him on the right. So actually, posting this sign is stupid and useless. I figured that if we called ourselves Hadag Nahash and got people to put our stickers on the back of their cars, we would help create chaos and confuse the police" -- which, he adds mischievously, "is always a good thing."

Where else could you go after Klezmer, anyway? I'll go quietly.

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