Saturday, October 16, 2004

The flu bug

Or, CNN actually asks the right questions. From Digby:

[. . .]

BUSH: If you're healthy, if you're younger, don't get a flu shot this year.

SCHNEIDER: Sounds like rationing, something the president said would result from Kerry's health care plan.

[. . .]

SCHNEIDER: What President Bush warns could happen under the Kerry health care plan, shortages, rationing, that's exactly what is happening now. So the issue is whether the Kerry health care plan would solve the problem, or as Republicans charge, make it worse.

WOODRUFF: Is there any evidence yet how this issue is playing out politically? Do we see polls? Do we pick up what people are saying?

[. . .]

This flu vaccine problem puts Bush's bullshit squarely in the light of day. Even media whores with tenure like Schneider and Woodruff can't shove their heads in the sand over this one. Unlike Iraq, or the rest of Bush's fiascoes, this affects the American people directly. This is only going to get worse for President Clueless before it gets better, and it ain't gonna resolve itself by 2 Nov. Especially if people start dropping dead from influenza in any sort of numbers.

KERRY: There still aren't enough flu vaccinations. What's the president's solution? He says, don't get one if you're healthy. That sounds just like his health care plan to me, hope and pray you don't get sick.

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