Thursday, October 14, 2004

Will Canadian Aspirin Give You A Hard-On?

Ha! That got your attention, huh?

In light of Bush's comment, on the way to his third debate loss, that he has been thinking about getting flu vaccine from Canuckistan, this editorial in the LATimes is timely.

The Food and Drug Administration has been sending bullying letters to governors whose states try to establish safe ways of importing drugs from established pharmacies. The most recent such letter, sent to Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, called his state's newly launched I-SaveRx program "illegal." If Bush actually believes that, let's see him put Blagojevich in handcuffs and have the governor do the perp walk into federal court.

They ain't got the balls, cuz that would blow the whole "Medicare Reform" up in their greedy little faces and expose the scam for the taxpayer and senior citizen rip-off it really is.

See, Fixer, we got plenty of windmills left to tilt at.

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