Thursday, October 14, 2004

What do we do?

After John Kerry's success in the debates and the growing momentum, I allowed myself, for the first time, to speculate what could be should he actually win the elections. Naturally, my thoughts came around (I always come around eventually) to the blogs, this one and The Fixer & Gordon. I mean, I got into this whole blogging thing to convince folks that this country is fucked up and we needed a big change in leadership.

I figure TF&G will stay regardless. Gordon and my lives have been too interesting over the years and we have some good stories and wisdom to share on the automotive and motorcycle worlds.

What do we do here if our team wins is another question. Do we turn into a cheering section for the White House? Do we continue our humble attempts to spread the word of a progressive agenda to the five of you? I mean, this is a political blog whose purpose was to highlight the lies of the Bush administration and better explain the facts to anyone who might stumble across it. With a Democratic administration, would we be irrelavant?

I don't have any answers yet, and what comes next will be a decision arrived at with Gordon, but I'd welcome input from anyone who has any. I figure I'd just throw the questions out there and get Gordon's deranged little mind ticking.

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