Sunday, October 10, 2004

Wolcott On The Debate

James Wolcott, for an uptown Manhattanian, is almost as genteel as the Fixer. This post blisters Dubya's and the pundits' ass. Scroll down to "Empty Volcano". Only about an inch, don't get lazy and miss this one.

For much of last night's debate George Bush looked like a blister about to pop.

Bush reminded me most of Pat Buchanan last night, not perhaps the best model to imitate if you're courting independents and women.

As Pauline Kael used to say after reading the reviews of certain movie critics, "It's hard to believe they were actually looking at the screen." Fortunately, the cable-news spinmeisters seem to matter less and less in the framing of the debate reaction--they've insulted the viewers' sense of reality too many times.

You know, for a guy with a ten-million-dollar pad on the 600th floor, this fella ain't too bad.

A coupla posts farther down, he comes up with this line about Dubya's rumored earpiece:

He doesn't need the assistance of an electronic feed to hear voices in his head.

I like this guy. He will be on 'Topic A with Tina Brown' tonight on CNN.

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