Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Worst Presidente Mexico Ever Had

Not exactly high praise for Dubya, El Fisgon (The Peeper) says he's the worst Mexican President in history. From Mother Jones.

Mexican political culture has very defined features and the President of the United States has absorbed them all: The classical Mexican political boss usually inherits his power from his father. The typical Mexican cacique has a love for guns as well as an inclination toward violence and cruelty; he despises legality and intellectual activity, has a personal history of alcoholism and dissipation, lies systematically, and declares himself a faithful servant of God. (Did we miss anything?)

According to Mexican tradition, politicians always reach their positions thanks to a fraudulent electoral process and then surround themselves with a clique which uses its power to conduct "business" on a staggering scale while in office. The Florida electoral thievery and Halliburton's Iraq contract are classic examples of Mexican corruption.

The difference is, if Dubya was president of Mexico, someone would have stood him up against a wall and shot him by now.

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