Sunday, October 10, 2004

Jarhead wisdom

I always kid the Marines that they're not too smart. I'm ex-Air Force, what do you want? But maybe they're not as dumb as they look.

"Sometimes I see no reason why we're here," Perez said. "First of all, you cannot engage as many times as we want to. Second of all, we're looking for an enemy that's not there. The only way to do it is go house to house until we get out of here."

That's from a 20 year old grunt.

"I feel we're going to be here for years and years and years," said Lance Cpl. Edward Elston, 22, of Hackettstown, N.J. "I don't think anything is going to get better; I think it's going to get a lot worse. It's going to be like a Palestinian-type deal. We're going to stop being a policing presence and then start being an occupying presence. . . . We're always going to be here. We're never going to leave." [my emphasis]

Just think about what's going on in the Holy Land, what has gone on there over the last 40 years. Do we want to keep sending our kids into that meat grinder? Read Gordon's post from the other day for more on Bush losing the Jarheads. My partner is one of the smarter Marines I've known, by the way. He'd make good Air Force material. Ha!

Link to WaPo via Corrente.

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