Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Saudi Women

I think all the writers and journalists that I usually steal from are having Writer's Block. Maybe it's just No News Is Good News. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Following up on Fixer's post, here's some more stuff on the way Saudi women are treated from the LATimes:

Saudi Interior Minister Prince Nayif ibn Abdulaziz, a rock among the hard-liners, announced Sunday that women would not take part in municipal elections next year. The balloting had been billed as a major step toward breaking the shackles of autocratic rule, and there had been hints that women might get to vote.

U.S. forces and international aid groups poured lives, money and effort into helping Afghan women vote. Washington's silence regarding Saudi women is deafening.

Of course they're silent.If Bush is elected, his Supremes might reverse Woman Suffrage along with everything else they intend to repeal to plunge the Nation back into darkness.

If only Ignorant White Men have the vote, Republicans have a lock.

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