Thursday, December 30, 2004


Just a word about the blog links in the sidebar. I don't make a big deal when I add to it. If they're on the list, it means that I read 'em. I think I'm the keeper of the roll anyway (though all of us have the power), and I stop by every page at least a couple times a week. Some a couple times a day. Just because I list you, don't feel obligated to do the same for The Brain. I'd like to think you list us because you enjoy reading our rants and diatribe, and maybe we get you thinking a little bit. The reverse is true. If your blog doesn't do something for me, I won't list it, whether or not you have us on your blogroll in 5 different places. If your blog isn't political and Left-leaning at the least, it ain't happening. So please, don't bother letting me know you listed our blog so I should list yours. To those of you who do list us, thank you very much. To those readers, and especially the other bloggers whom I respect, who leave your comments (good or bad) here, thank you very much as well. This is a wonderful community.

And I almost forgot. Congratulations to the team here at The Brain and all our fellow bloggers.

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