Monday, December 27, 2004

Reggie's in heaven . . . not

At least not according to Genia:

[. . .]

I almost decided to keep my mouth shut about White's anti-gay remarks, but after I made my post I did a quick check of a few popular conservative blogs and noticed the GOP soldiers are already embracing White and holding open the gates of heaven -- as if his anti-gay hatred has earned him a seat next to God. It hasn't. Hatred in any form doesn't earn you a seat next to God. It doesn't even earn you the last seat in the back of the bus to heaven.

I respect the dead. I feel bad for White's family; they have lost someone they all love; however. Yes, HOWEVER. I will not sit by and pretend the man was a saint because he played football and bashed homosexuals. I can guarantee you none of the GOP's soldiers will give a rat's ass for Chelsea Clinton when Bill Clinton or Hillary Clinton kick the bucket.

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