Thursday, December 30, 2004

It's called a plea bargain

My partner Gordon will be happy to see this:

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Prosecutors agreed to drop an illegal campaign contribution charge against Sears, Roebuck and Co. in exchange for its cooperation in an investigation of contributions to a political action committee associated with House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

[. . .]

Under the agreement, Sears will cooperate with Texas officials in their prosecution and investigation of other people for any offense related to the corporate contribution that Sears made. O'Leary said Sears also will give $100,000 to the University of Texas for a campaign finance law awareness program.

[. . .]

I hope old Tommy the Bug-boy didn't think Sears would put their ass on the line to protect him. They're covering their bottom line and they'll leave DeLay swinging in the breeze. Let's hope they got some good shit to 'cooperate' with. Link via Lambert.

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