Monday, December 27, 2004

Who's in charge here?

Might as well paint 'CIA' on the side. Fucking idiots. From WaPo via Melanie:

The airplane is a Gulfstream V turbojet, the sort favored by CEOs and celebrities. But since 2001 it has been seen at military airports from Pakistan to Indonesia to Jordan, sometimes being boarded by hooded and handcuffed passengers.

The plane's owner of record, Premier Executive Transport Services Inc., lists directors and officers who appear to exist only on paper. And each one of those directors and officers has a recently issued Social Security number and an address consisting only of a post office box, according to an extensive search of state, federal and commercial records.

[. . .]

According to airport officials, public documents and hobbyist plane spotters, the Gulfstream V, with tail number N379P, has been used to whisk detainees into or out of Jakarta, Indonesia; Pakistan; Egypt; and Sweden, usually at night, and has landed at well-known U.S. government refueling stops.

[. . .]

You're the fucking Agency, with a bigger operating budget than most countries' GDP. Aside from the moral aspects of whisking detainees all over the world to be tortured for information, how the fuck did the press and hobbyists find out which plane you're using to do it? Who is running the fucking show over there? You're the fucking C-I-A, for chrissakes.

Update: 16:40:

Steve Gillard has more . . . much more.

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