Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The Reptile


Donald the Reptile Rumsfeld

Tell us the truth about Fallujah, tell us the truth about Iraq

A war zone is a great filter for the truth and when the United States of America says it is sending in camera crews with the troops to record what is happening, after all the hype and spin and lies, the suspicions arise that there is in fact a cover-up going on, a massive cover-up, especially when one confronts the official version of events with the information circulating on the Internet.

Is it just chatter that the US Armed Forces sustained thousands of casualties in Fallujah? Is it just chatter that thousands of wounded are spirited out of the country at night-time? Is it just chatter that burials take place under cover of darkness? Is it just chatter that the whole campaign has been disastrously mismanaged from the beginning, that US troops are at the mercy of snipers, booby-traps and counter-offensives which kill and maim tens of soldiers every day?

[. . .]

After the Russians' long and bloody history, when they say shit like this, you gotta wonder.

[. . .]

Is it true, Mr. Rumsfeld, that you used a machine to sign your name on letters of condolences? Couldn't you even be bothered to put pen to paper? Not that this is in the slightest surprising. After the lies, after the torture scandal, after the illegal murders, what to expect from a reptilian man with cold blood cursing through his veins who is the personification of every reason why the United States of America of the Bush regime has the status of most hated nation in the hearts and minds of the international community at the end of 2004?

So, the grandsons of Stalin look at us this way. How far have we fallen in four short years?

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