Thursday, December 30, 2004

The transformation is complete

Via Melanie:

[. . .]

Republican elders who warned of endless war are purged. Those who advised Bush that Saddam was building nuclear weapons, that with a light military force the operation would be a "cakewalk", and that capturing Baghdad was "mission accomplished", are rewarded.

The outgoing secretary of state, fighting his last battle, is leaking stories to the Washington Post about how his advice went unheeded. Secretary of defence Donald Rumsfeld, whose heart beats with the compassion of a crocodile, clings to his job by staging Florence Nightingale-like tableaux of hand-holding of the wounded while declaiming into the desert wind about "victory". Since the election, 203 US soldiers have been killed and 1,674 wounded.

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Now that the last of the dissenters within the administration have been cached or just plain run out of town, the bubble has been sealed with Bush inside. Lets see what they fuck up next. Syria? Iran? I wonder if the rest of the world will rise up against us, just as they did against Germany sixty years ago.

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