Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year

I'm done for the day, probably. The Mrs. and I are doing what we always do on New Years. We're just gonna be hanging out, probably watch a movie or two, and she's gonna cook all sorts of international dishes that we like. We also partake in the alcoholic products from whatever region's foods she's making.

This year it's French, caviar (she's making a French dish with it), escargots, buncha cheeses and pates, and a duck breast salad, the recipie she conned from one of the chefs aboard the QM2. We probably won't be awake for the ball drop (yes, some New Yorkers don't give a shit about Times Square), but we'll be up at our usual 4 a.m. and get the highlights. We'll start the party again too.

Not many reflections on the Old Year. I like looking toward the possibilities of the future. We took a hit in November, but hopefully we'll learn and hit back in the mid-terms and beyond. We'll do better.

I wish my partners, KR and Gord, and their families, all the best of luck, health, and good fortune. Also to my fellow bloggers of the Reality-based Community and the readers, have a happy and safe New Year.

Think twice about drinking and driving tonight. If it was just your drunk ass splattered against a tree it would be one thing. Think about the poor, innocent slobs you're gonna take with you.

Happy New Year everybody!