Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Year of Reverse Instant Karma

So you think everything went way wrong in '04 and you can't figure it out? You're not the only one. Joel Stein in the LATimes:
A year in which failure was rewarded and success was punished. It was the year of celebrating the undeserving. The year, to put it simply, of Paris Hilton. There were no consequences for anything. I know people who didn't vote and not one of them died despite P. Diddy's best intentions. There was genocide in Sudan, but no one could be bothered to stop it.

Donald Rumsfeld got to keep his job. Michael Ovitz got to keep his money. Bill O'Reilly got to remain the mouthpiece of manly conservatism even though we discovered that his idea of phone sex involves taking a woman to a Caribbean hotel and massaging her with a loofah. His idea of rough sex is exfoliating.

Good deeds were actually punished. The only voice in the Cabinet who warned that Iraqis wouldn't be throwing tulips at our feet, Colin Powell, was pushed out of the Cabinet. After two presidents who went unscathed for ducking the draft, John Kerry's bravery was questioned for serving in Vietnam. For the first time, Howard Stern was not the perpetrator behind someone having her top removed on television and yet he was the one punished by the FCC. The authors of the 9/11 report — the first readable government document in 200 years — didn't get their names on the book or a piece of the action for the NBC miniseries being made by Ron Howard.

Yep. It was a topsy-turvy year indeed. I'm calling it "The Year Stupidity Won". Not one to remember fondly, but one we better not forget or it will be known throughout history as "The Year America Began To Die". By the choice of 51% of its own people.

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