Monday, December 27, 2004

God's will

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From David at 42:

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I can't think of too many more scary ways to die than drowning in the dark in your own house, or being swept up by a 40-foot wave and smashed into a tree or building. What a horrific disaster... I'm sure that some preacher somewhere today blamed it on those brown heathens who were just asking for it by messing around with those non-Jesus religions.

I been waiting for it since I heard about the disaster. Sorta like Falwell on 9/11. If you want to help these poor people, and if you have the cash after Materialism Eve and Consumption Day:

*Save the Children
Asia Earthquake/Tidal Wave Relief Fund
54 Wilton Road, Westport, CT 06880
*Link via Skippy

Update: 10:20:

Another link if you want to help:

*American Red Cross International Relief Fund

*Link via Matt Yglesias

Update: 13:15:

Lots more links here.

Update: 18:15:

A blog dedicated solely for "News and information about resources, aid, donations and volunteer efforts."

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