Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Me at the Cross:

[. . .]

The thrust of the post had nothing to do with my marksmanship, it had to do with me finally owning a gun becasue the Repubs have fostered a climate in this nation of hate and bigotry and I feel I need one (at least) to protect my family and property. I made the inexcusable mistake of not consulting my DD Form 214 before using the term 'marksman' as opposed to 'expert' in describing my qualifications. To me, big deal, the last time I looked at my 214 was 1988, just to make sure it was correct, and I filed it away. What did I get picked apart over? The gist of the post that I'm gonna kill anybody who tries to take my shit or fuck with my rights and the state of the nation that brought me to the decision? Nah. I get nailed because I used 'marksman' in place of 'expert'. That's all they could break my balls over, and boy did they. Losers. This is why you can't argue with them in any productive manner. They never argue the actual point and beat you with triviality until you throw up your hands and say 'fuck it'.

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By the way, the post at the Cross has less to do with my problems other than pointing up the fact that Holocaust deniers are being given the same credibility as people who are actually dealing in, you know, facts. I just put this part up here to symbolically drop my pants, spread my cheeks, and say 'French-kiss my ass', you Repub morons.

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