Friday, March 18, 2005

Slogans 'r' us

Will Durst offers some help to Karen Hughes in her upcoming P.R. campaign. Via Working For Change.
It'll be interesting to see what measures Ms. Hughes takes when she finds out the problem isn't so much our lousy public relations but our lousy foreign policies. You want to improve America's image, I'll tell you how to improve America's image. Put a leash on Rumsfeld and stop treating the rest of the world like it made a doo doo on the shag rug in front of Mother Teresa's holier sister on Easter.

I got to say, creating the position of Spinmeister General does makes sense; at least we're playing to our strengths. As a country we have always excelled at selling the sizzle over the steak. Just last fall, this nation's veterans chose a borderline deserter over a decorated war hero. And the responsibility for that feat can be laid directly at the altar of advertising.

Mr. Durst offers "30 U.S. FOREIGN POLICY EXTREME MAKEOVER SLOGANS" in an effort to help. Go read. Here's my favorite:
America 2.0. Now With Improved Press Suppression.

What's yours?

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