Friday, March 18, 2005

More Religious Hypocrisy

This in from today'sonline San Diego Union-Tribune:

The owner of a popular local nightclub with a gay clientele can't have a funeral in the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego because the church has deemed his business "inconsistent with Catholic moral teaching."

None of the 98 Catholic churches in San Diego or Imperial counties will be allowed to provide services for Club Montage owner John McCusker as a result of the decision by San Diego Bishop Robert Brom.

But I bet Michael Jackson would be eligible for a funeral in the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego, since his behavior is consistent with the San Diego Catholic Diocese's moral conduct. The San Diego Diocese long sheltered Rev. Paul Shanley, a Catholic priest who was arrested here in May 2002 on three counts of child rape. He was the founding member of the North American Man-Boy Love Association and operated a bed & breakfast in Palm Springs for homosexuals.

Reading crap like this makes me proud to be a pagan!

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