Tuesday, March 15, 2005


David Corn writes in The Nation about Bush's nomination of Karen Hughes as under secretary of state in charge of public diplomacy. What got my attention was this headline:
Karen Hughes: Bush's Spinner to the World

Now, if he had used spin doctor or spinmeister I would have rolled right on by. Spinner, however has a completely different meaning and it caught my interest. I think Mr. Corn knows this and used it on purpose to suck me in. I've seen Karen Hughes. She's no spinner! Maybe a basket job, if the rope was strong enough...But I digress. Anyway, I read the article even though I didn't need to to know that this is just another position going to a Bush loyalist via his ass-backwards nose-thumbing-at-the-world M.O.
What are her Hughes' qualifications for this post? Well, she has been Bush's chief spin doctor since he entered politics. Once a local television reporter, she turned to the dark side. During the 2000 campaign, she actively misled the press about key aspects of Bush's past--most notably, his military service and his drunk-driving conviction. As a White House aide, she used PR tactics, not the truth, to push Bush's reckless policies. Now she'll do the same concerning the United States' image abroad. (If she could sell Bush to the American voters, maybe she can sell dirt as food.) (my emphasis)

Mmmm, that was tasty, sir. May I have another? He could sure cut down on farm subsidies, huh? I wouldn't put anything past these assholes.

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