Friday, March 18, 2005

WMD? Democracy? Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!

Think Bush didn't start his criminal war for oil? Think again. Greg Palast on BBC News.
The Bush administration made plans for war and for Iraq's oil before the 9/11 attacks, (my emphasis), sparking a policy battle between neo-cons and Big Oil, BBC's Newsnight has revealed.

Insiders told Newsnight that planning began "within weeks" of Bush's first taking office in 2001, long before the September 11th attack on the US.

An Iraqi-born oil industry consultant, Falah Aljibury, says he took part in the secret meetings in California, Washington and the Middle East. He described a State Department plan for a forced coup d'etat.

Mr Aljibury himself told Newsnight that he interviewed potential successors to Saddam Hussein on behalf of the Bush administration.

The industry-favoured plan was pushed aside by a secret plan, drafted just before the invasion in 2003, which called for the sell-off of all of Iraq's oil fields. The new plan was crafted by neo-conservatives intent on using Iraq's oil to destroy the Opec cartel through massive increases in production above Opec quotas.

Go read the rest of it. I guess the BBC isn't as cowed as our domestic "news media".

Why aren't Bush and his neo-cons in jail?

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