Monday, March 14, 2005

More propaganda


Un-f*cking-believable. The NYT reports in a lengthy, detailed piece, that even more fake news reports are being created by the White House and are being released to (and played by) media outlets that are broadcast all or in part without vetting. These phony news reports give viewers the impression that they are watching journalism in action. The real crime is that there is no outrage about the slack-ass, disturbing lack of journalistic ethics (and utter laziness) by the news outlets that are showing these pre-digested shill pieces for Chimpy policy.

[. . .]

What I'd wanna know is, how much of my tax money is paying for this bullshit?

Seems that Sis has the answer and now I'm even more pissed.

. . . The administration got a hell of a lot of mileage out of its first-term PR budget of over $250 million . .

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