Tuesday, March 15, 2005

I Guess He Can Self-Terminate

Ahhnold's problems with women continue. Once again, he's attacking the teachers' and nurses' unions.

STANFORD, Calif. -- Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he does not have a gripe with nurses or teachers, just the unions that represent them.

He also criticized the nurses' union for looking out for themselves instead of the interests of patients.

Regarding the nurses' union issue, what he's for is a higher patient load per nurse (I don't remember the exact figure, and this article doesn't list it). My best friend is a nurse in New Jersey, and I recognize from conversations with her that the patient load Ahhnold is recommending is considered highly unsafe. So what the Governator is advocating is bad for already overworked and underpaid nurses and bad for the patients under their care.

Nurses and teachers repeatedly have rated as two of the most respected and trusted professions in our nation. Ahhnold may get away with manhandling Indian tribes and marriage-minded homosexuals, but he comes off as an ├╝ber-bully when he denigrates teachers and nurses. I hope his potential opponents in the next gubernatorial race, and especially the voters of Callyfahnya, are taking note.

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